nwHacks 2019 JUDGING RULES 

  • You may not begin working on your project before 1:00 PM PST on Saturday, January 26th. No work may be completed before this time, with the exception of pre-printing or cutting 3D parts or other hardware components.
  • You must submit your project at nwhacks2019.devpost.com before 1:00 PM PST on Sunday, January 27th to be eligible to present your project.

  • Plagiarism is not acceptable and teams with plagiarized work will be disqualified.

  • Teams can have up to 4 members of registered hackers who must be present at the event.

  • Projects submitted to nwhacks2019.devpost.com will be demoed to multiple expo judges in the West & East Atrium at 2:00 PM PST on Sunday, January 27th. 

  • The top 5 teams rated by expo judges will have a chance to present to a panel of judges to determine the winners of nwHacks 2019! 

Please refer to MLH's Code of Conduct.